Getting to grip with Mailchimp, what is it and how to use it

Module 1 What is Mailchimp and setting up a user account
Unit 1 Setting up a Mailchimp Account
Unit 2 A Quick Tour of Mailchimp
Unit 3 Adding the Correct Information
Module 2 How to create a mailing list
Unit 1 How to create a mailing list
Unit 2 Adding an Individual Email to a Mailing List
Unit 3 Importing a .CSV mailing list into Mailchimp
Unit 4 Exporting emails from your email programme
Module 3 Setting up templates
Unit 1 Introduction to Mailchimp templates
Unit 2 Setting up your branded template
Unit 3 Adding content
Unit 4 Call to action buttons
Module 4 Using Canva with Mailchimp
Unit 1 Quick Introduction to Canva
Unit 2 Creating a branded header
Unit 3 Uploading images to Mailchimp
Unit 4 Useful links for images
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